Why Freelancing Logo Design Is A Bad Option

August 24, 2018
Why Freelancing Logo Design Is A Bad Option

What is the most prevalent shortcut you see around these days. Without a doubt, it is freelancing. If you were going to consider the same, here we present you the eminent reason for why you should not fall for the same. For those who do not understand the same, freelancing is a type of work or employment, in which a person is working on a certain task on a temporary basis. It is usually established on a contract basis for one job. Freelancing is a new thing in the market of Logo designing in the UK these days.

Many naive designers are doing it to meet ends and get experience and many organizations are going for this option to save money. One very important thing that makes most of these freelanced designs a big no-no is their lack of experience. Their main aim is to get as many logos as possible instead of focusing on the quality.

Authenticity is the biggest threat associated with getting freelancer logo design. They mostly offer generic logos that they simply modify as per each individual client. For instance, you are likely to find an icon of a camera for any business dealing with photography. Needless to say, it fails to make a unique impression upon its target audience.

Moreover as already mentioned freelancing is often a ‘one job’ thing. So no matter what your ‘self-proclaimed’ perfect logo designer is delivering, he or she is likely to go incognito immediately after the entire payment is successful. Thereby, you will have no assistance from them, in case you spot an error later on or need a minor revision. A professional logo designing firm, on the other hand, will provide assistance until completion.

Before jumping for these cheap tricks, remember for them, it is simply a practice pitch on which they learn from their mistakes. But it will be your business that will get stuck with a ‘mistake’ logo. Needless to say, it will not be compensated by the money you saved by opting for this cheap getaway. So, always go with the well-established logo design firm that ensures that your logo is unique, customized, authentic and also help you with revisions if required.

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