Logo Design Tips

December 13, 2013

Logo Design Tips for the Customer and the Designer

For you the customer to make your life easier and to get what you want here are some handy tips and tricks for you. Following these steps will save you a lot of headache.

For the customer 

  1. Before you hand any money over try call your designer / email them and see if they answer the phone or what their email response time is.
  2. Send them your best attempt of drawing your desired logo out
  3. Send 3 or 4 attachments of similar logos
  4. Give them the hex colour values you wish to be used – (Hex colours?)
  5. Read what you get for your money, if it says 3 concepts that means you get 3 varied designs to choose from, then if it says you get unlimited revisions that means you can make subtle changes to that logo until you are happy.
  6. What file formats will you receive your logo in? You should get high resolution flat files in .jpg . png etc and even the master file in it’s editable state.
  7. Copyright, if you don’t get a copyright certificate then ask them to send you a simple email stating that you own the file etc
  8. Time frame if they said 1-2 working days for your first samples, thats very quick but just make sure you chase them on the 2nd day to be safe. Some designers are overstretched and promise 1-2 days but take much longer.
  9. Try find out what some of the techical terms mean for yourself, such as vector, scalable, transparency,  .ai .png .eps .psd .gif .jpg it will help you out one day.
  10. Refund policy, if you are truly not happy with your logo, will they offer to redraw from scratch or is there no comebacks at all? This is a patchy area for the design industry on a whole as some might argue the cost is in the time and vice versa so the best way to go about this is with a polite explanation of how you feel.

For the designer 

  1. Have you priced the job correctly, the chances are that the low budget jobs are usually the most headache. I hope you havn’t taken on a £5 logo design job if so good luck.
  2. Can you complete the job with your skill set, is it a complex illustration that will take few hours, can you do the illustration? If you can’t design it yourself then think about your options before you take on the job, do you really want to harm your reputation?
  3. The customer that calls every 3 hours after payment, how do you manage the panicky/pushy customers?
  4. Are you full time or part time if so let people know your days, and hours of work so they know when they’ll get a response and when they wont.
  5. Is your pricing hampering your efforts, do you offer too much for a low price for example there are people offering 10 concepts for £30 in 1 to 2 days  this is just unsustainable as imagine if you had 10 sales that day then thats 100 concepts , then all the edits on the chosen designs and all the customer service emails it’s just not worth it or possible to give a good service.
  6. Don’t be a snobby designer, but don’t be a walkover for example i know guys in the industry that we all share horror stories with, a client emailed the designer saying “your work is crap mate, want my money back, crap lie mate crap lie” lol yes that’s true in the end the customer then opened a paypal claim and lost.

So there you have it, if you would like a professional logo design contact us today!

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