A Brief Introduction to Vector File Format

September 7, 2018
A Brief Introduction to Vector File Format

Vector File FormatThe need for a customized logo design is inevitable for every successful business these days. However, you need to take a moment out before you place your order for a logo design. You should first consider whether or not you want your final logo file in vector format. In case you have not much clearer idea about the same, here we present the brief introduction of it.

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A vector image is created by countless smaller, independent, scalable objects, which are all formulated together by a mathematical equation. As a result, it is completely scalable and provides an indefinite degree of freedom to the graphic designer. It has many advantages over its counterpart Raster files, but the most noteworthy features are as follows-

Scalability – It is the property of the image file to readjust to any scale. Unlike several raster formats, the image does not get pixilated upon stretching or encounter data loss upon compressing. Thereby, the vector file offers the highest quality possible for the image of any size, ranging from a mini icon to billboard.

Editable – It is the property to make changes and revision even after the final file is designed or delivered. The raw file format of the logo design ensures that even after receiving the logo, you can make changes in it. These changes can be as small as adding/removing a minor portion or changing color, and it can also be altering it into some other adaptive design if needed.

Transparent – It is the property of a file to be able to blend perfectly over any background. The actual file can be used in many creative ways, making it have a competitive edge. Moreover, its options for printing too, is more advanced and of high quality.

So, why do you might need to have so many options for your logo! Well, your logo is the face of your business, it needs to be present everywhere, as much as possible. However, a vector file has to be made from the scratch (and cannot be saved as a vector from another format), in the suitable software, not every graphic designer is well capable of providing the same. We, at the house of MR Logo Design, have a graphic designer with extensive knowledge and experience in both raster and vector file formats. So, take your logo design where ever your business grows.

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