5 More Amazing Logo To Refine Their Brand Name

August 10, 2018
5 More Amazing Logo To Refine Their Brand Name

A picture is worth a thousand words’

A logo design is what must comply with these golden words. A quality logo design indeed is what often makes a brand stand alone despite having numerous competitors. We are back with 5 more logo design that enhances its brand name with its existence.

1. Equity Results Limited

This secondary asset-based business has an interesting logo. The negative space within the blue colored logo is used brilliantly. The lines and dots show ups and downs, which is ‘a given’ in any kind of capital market, but the prominent blue upside arrow depicts the overall profit the customer has with them.

2. Broadland Nordic Walking

The scenes of the Nordic countryside weren’t difficult to find on the online database, but we thought it would be best to make it from the scratch. The logo comprises of 2 enthusiast joggers walking on the pavement on the roads with dazzling sunrise and shores on each side. The addition of a windmill on the path ahead completes the scenario.

3. Moose & Penguin Photography

The photography business is flourishing these days. So, instead of stuffing just a camera, we wanted to use the fancy name of the business name to produce a unique logo design. Needless to say, the peaking Moose and Penguin are hard to forget amidst of numerous photography business you see these days, right!

4. Fighting Cancer

Who says illustration logos only suits the profit earning corporates? A wisely created logo is more than capable of contributing towards a cause as well. The logo of Fighting cancer resembles very much to the purple ribbon, but the modifications made in this particular logo illustrate the motto walk, run and ride as mentioned in the business name.

5. Big Picture Training

The logo for this entertainment based training institute is created wisely. The big picture is obviously assembled with several small pictures. These units are all arranged in a pattern, all but one. This almost-fit indicates that the organization is all set to prepare professionals who will accomplish the task soon.

These are some of the many quality logo designs that were researched, designed and delivered to our clients. You want a tailor-made logo for your business as well? Stop stalling and get on-board with us!

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