5 Homely, Yet Amazing Real Estate Logo Designs

November 22, 2018
5 Homely, Yet Amazing Real Estate Logo Designs

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing”

As rightly said by Irina Shayk, nothing beats the warmth, and comfort of one’s home. Needless to say, there are several businesses around the same that offers the services of the accommodation and real estate. Some are involved in offering home, while some are offering rental apartment. Every successful business has a few things in common. These are the enthusiasm of offering the best niche and great logo design to convey their essence.

Let’s present 5 of the real estate logo designs made by the house of Mr Logo Design.

1. Love Your House

The business name itself sounds very close to heart. The logo is made with a simple icon of home. And as the home is where you can be in your skin, it only seems right to add a hint of the love icon to complete the logo design.

2. Beaumont Estate

As the name itself describes, the business deals with offering the luxury estates for the people who can afford it. The logo has the icon of a spacious, estate. The colors black and pink illustrate the essence of professionalism and yet a promise of belongingness in the property sites.

3. Great Build Design

This company stands for designing the best possible designing solutions for both personal and commercial buildings. The logo is made with a rod-like pile ups, projecting high-rise buildings. Also, the cap-like structure projects the growth of this business over the years till now and years to come.

4. Great Stay

Looking for a great place to stay for the upcoming weekend or the next vacation? This business is there to offer all the comfort you can possibly want. The logo utilizes the business name but makes a great design for ‘a’. The placard also showcases the symbol of navigation, stating that it is quite easy to track for people, as well.

5. New Castle

This logo can give royalty logos a tough competition, isn’t it! The logo for this organization is a rather well made and well-received logo of our house. The logo comprises of a castle along with its gates. The business name is projected proudly on the logo as well. This monochromatic logo design has been done entirely in black to convey the commitment of professionalism.

Excited to have your own ‘home sweet home’, get on the voyage to the make it happen.

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