5 Animal Mascot Logo Made By Mr Logo Design

December 21, 2018

Often many businesses use mascot in their logo to add an element of familiarity among people. KFC, Starbuck, Michelin tires, Lacoste are some of the classic examples of such mascot logo designs. These mascots can be any creature, person, animals, or even animated entities.

At Mr Logo Design, we deliver various kinds of logo designs for our clients, including mascot logos. Today, we present 5 animal mascot logo designed by our expert designers. So, let us check them out, one by one.

1. Treats For Woofs

Who does not love to own a dog! If you are looking for tasty treats for your furry kids, this is the perfect place for you. The logo shows how much your pets would love these treats. We have used a small puppy hanging by the bone, clearly not letting it go anytime soon.

2. Dinosauria Dig

A logo design with a rare animal as its mascot. It is a wordmark type logo displaying the entire business name to spread brand awareness. Of course, the dinosaur does not dig, as the business name says so, but the logo looks attractive enough to serve its purpose.

3. Fishing Friends

This business all dedicate to enhance the fishing experience. The logo design depicts a catching a large fish by throwing a bait of a small fish. It has a message instead, ‘pay small now, to get much bigger later’. Same goes for the ideas of investing on logo design.

4. Shengchun Martial Arts

Martial arts is ages old thing, however, it does not mean it should not blend with modern entities right! The logo of Shengchun martial arts uses an icon of a ferocious tiger. It symbolizes strength, power and obviously, feature as the most suitable animal to go with it.

5. Pengi

Music is the medication for a soul, isn’t it! The logo of this business ‘Pengi’ shows how much even these adorable creatures enjoy the music. A simple logo lockup, that is sure to cast an impression on the mind of people around.

Is your business name having a cute animal in it too? Or perhaps you offer services to these furry creatures? Going for an animal mascot logo can be a wise decision for you. Not only it easily spreads the nature of the business, but actually, act as a magnet to attract the attention of your target audience. Get the perfectly designed logo only at Mr. Logo Design.

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