5 Amazing Logos Painted In Blue To Inspire You

May 11, 2018
5 Amazing Logos Painted In Blue To Inspire You

You must already be aware of the fact that, having a logo adds value to your brand. There are many trends that logo designers execute to deliver cheap logos. The color of the logo is one such factor that plays an important in the overall presentation of it. There are many brands that use the monocolored logo to emphasize the importance of the same. Today, we are going to present few logos that have been done in shades of blues by Mr Logo Designs.

But first, let’s discuss the importance of the blue color. The first things that strike mind related to blue are the clear sky and deep ocean. It is established emotions like stability, wisdom, loyalty confidence etc.

So, here we present 5 amazing logos painted in Blue to inspire you.

1. parachute Paraplanning 

The logo of parachute paraplanning consists of many colors in minute proportion, but the major part is covered in blue. The business provides writing solutions to its clients. The small parachutes refer tot he various, unique, relevant contents they provide. The main theme of blue color ensures wisdom and loyalty.

2. Huuula 

Huuula deals with providing supplies for each party and outing. The company revolves around fun and the triple ‘u’ clearly indicate it. The colors yellow and blue indicate the sand and the water, thereby completing the look overall. The blue color highlights the entire brand logo and enhances it.

3. Wilson Smith Physiotherapy

Wilson Smith offers licensed physiotherapy for the people who are in need of it. This business ensures humbleness along with quality services. The icon of the person, adds a further human element to it. We have used the color blue to strengthen the emotion of trust, healing, and knowledge.

4. Scottish Environmental Consultancy

The logo for the Scottish Environmental Consultancy is all about shades of blue. The water, the forest, and the sky, all the three elements of the landscape has been painted in tints of blue. The elements blended so flawlessly that not only it’s perfect, but also timeless. It will be still in its glory after ages. One of the best-monocolored logo designed and delivered by us.

5. Unitec 

The business of Unitec is all about building services. The logo uses the initial U and completes the look by fusing 2 arms of it with buildings. It uses shades of blue to resent its commitment and stability. Another example of the classic monocolored logo that is ageless and perfect.

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