4 Basic Types Of Logo Designs For Businesses in UK

November 8, 2018
4 Basic Types Of Logo Designs For Businesses in UK

By now, you must be aware of the importance of a professional logo design for every business? In case you are searching for getting your logo design as well, take a step back and first consider what type of logo design you need. You certainly need a good one, that people can connect with your business, and there are about 6-8 types of logo design available in the market. Each type has been used by many renowned businesses and is well-known all around the globe. But what type is ideal for your business? Let’s understand them in brief before making that call.

1. Wordmark Logo

This is the most basic type of the logo design. As the name indicates, the logo design is in the exact word format as the business name. It has been used since the dawn of the logo design, throughout history and it is still going strong in this current world. It is perfect for your business if you want to uplift your business name and your business name happens to be something simple, preferably not more than 2-3 words.
Famous examples – Coca cola, Facebook, Cadbury

2. Lettermark Logo

This is the second most common type of logo design. It somewhat resembles the previous type, but it uses only the initials instead of the entire business name. It comes handy and it is easier to remember the initials instead of the full name. It is particularly useful for the business, having a rather larger business name or the one that is somewhat complicated to pronounce by many people.
Famous examples – IBM, HBO, HP

3. Brand Mark Logo

The brandmark logo uses an icon or image to represent the brand. With proper marketing, the logo casts a strong impression in the mind of the people. This is somewhat tricky for new business unless they are up for some exceptional business strategy or set to create a monopoly in the market.
Famous examples – Twitter, Target, Apple

4. Logo Lockup

This is the most common logo design type nowadays and fits good for every business, especially the startups. Consider, it is a combination of brandmark with either the wordmark or the lettermark type logo. It makes the final logo look attractive and also enhance the brand name.
Famous examples – Pizza Hut, Lacoste, Burger King

So, which one did you find the most suitable for your business? At MR Logo Designs, we design all types of professional logo design, as per the requirements of the clients. We will be back with some other types of logo designs soon. Till then stay tuned.

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